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7 Home Improvement Tips to Increase Your Plano Home’s ROI

Home improvement projects can make a world of difference in increasing a home’s ROI. It not only makes the home more appealing to look at, but it can be a huge plus for a seller that maybe does not want to take on a ton of projects in their new home. While it does not make sense to spend time and energy on a full remodel that will not add value, consider projects that will add value and entice additional buyers. Here are a few suggestions from agents at Patton International Properties:

#1 Time your project

When undertaking any home improvement project, it is essential that there are realistic expectations and limitations. If the home is located in an environment where seasons will affect a project, you will want to finish it before the weather changes. Texas heat can also be a challenge; consider having outdoor projects done in the spring with milder temperatures, so they are easier to complete.

#2 Don’t forget details

When choosing a remodeling project, be sure to look at how it affects the rest of the home. For example, when switching to wood floors from carpeting often includes changing the trim. If you change the trim in the rooms with the new floors, will you have to change it in other rooms also? You will want the improvements to feel like they are a part of the home while not going overboard and replacing everything.

Consider exterior projects like:

  • Adding a deck or patio.
  • Adding a fence or gate.
  • Adding a shed for extra storage
  • Consider the landscaping around the house. Could the gardens use improvement?
Interior projects could include things like:

  • Light fixtures. Updating light fixtures can increase the value of a home. Consider wired versus wireless lighting options. Wired lighting systems can be more reliable; however, wireless is more cost-efficient. Would it be worth switching to one or the other for your home? Consider the benefits of each and which system fits what you are looking for.

  • Flooring can be a simple interior home improvement. Floors are important for every room because they play an essential role: they look good and are comfortable simultaneously. Consider comfortability when choosing flooring, but also consider style. That old green carpet from the 1970s will look a little outdated compared to newer carpeting that may brighten the room and feel cleaner.

#3 Furnish and style upgrades

Furnishing your home is a matter of matching upgraded features with an upgraded look. Design your furniture around new features like hardwood floors, an open-plan layout, or glass walls. You can also upgrade accent pieces, such as art on the wall or an armchair, by adding unexpected twists of color and different textures for contrast. Add embellishments such as artwork or sleek bookcases on display to achieve this dramatic look without expensive furnishings.

#4 Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the main things buyers can look for when considering a new home. One of the simplest ways to make your home more energy efficient is by installing new windows. More than 30% of a home’s heating energy can be lost through windows. While this can be a larger project, it will have a long-term payoff when it comes to lowering the energy bill and regulating the temperature of the home efficiently. There are additional small things you can do, like swapping out old bulbs with LEDs or getting thicker insulation in the attic.

#5 Balance functionality with style

When you are upgrading your home, it is tempting to go for materials that are the latest and most popular. However, sometimes homeowners prefer a home that offers a balance of function and style. Keep in mind functionality that can be appreciated by adults and families with children alike. Families with younger kids may not want a home with carpet on the main level/rooms of the home. Hardwood flooring may be appeasable to a broader range of buyers and work for both adult households and family households. There is a balance between functionality and style to keep in mind when renovating.

#6 Get a second opinion

Getting a second opinion can make a world of difference. Whether it is coming from an appraiser or even your real estate agent, having an expert’s say can help. Before you make a decision about improvements, ask a real estate agent from Patton International Properties.  An agent may have access to information that might not be available on the internet (like how much similar homes nearby have sold for) or expertise on what buyers are specifically looking for (if wood flooring or tiled flooring is more popular). And if they can't give you advice or recommendations themselves, they will know someone who can! Whether you are looking at Plano luxury homes or Plano mansions, this neighborhood is a prime area for investment due to the population and unique housing options. Furthermore, you can consider hiring an appraiser who will help you get a clearer idea about your property values, what type of repairs are necessary or should be done, and the overall value potential in your new home so it can give you a better idea of whether or not a home improvement project is worth your time and effort.

#7 Quality finishes

One of the last steps in the home improvement process is choosing the correct finishes. This will include things like paint, flooring, cabinets, counters, and more.  Picking the right color schemes for a room can make all the difference when designing. If you are looking to achieve a chic look, focus on neutrals such as cream or light gray walls with accents of pink and reds for pops of color instead of going for bright hues like yellows or oranges. Your real estate agent can give you tips on what other homes in your neighborhood are using so that you can consider what buyers are looking for. Purchasing quality items for the home is enticing to the buyer, who will not have to pay for repairs over time.

From the exterior to the interior, there are many ways to improve your home’s value and make it more appealing to potential buyers. A good real estate agent can help you determine which upgrades will bring the most return on investment. Are you looking to sell your home? Contact Patton International Properties and speak to an agent who can help put into perspective which projects may be beneficial for your home and increase the ROI.

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