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PGA Nationals HQ

More than just a guaranteed influx of jobs, the high-profile move of PGA America’s headquarters to the rapidly growing city of Frisco, Texas, also signals to the rest of the country that this centrally-located Dallas suburb is an up-and-coming hotspot that’s not to be missed. Pressed against the scenic eastern edge of Lewisville Lake, Frisco is a vibrant community with a convenient central location loved by commuters to inner Dallas.

Why Frisco is ideal

Only 25 minutes north of Downtown, Frisco has been a city on the rise for several years. Already known for its multitude of entertainment, adventure, and diverse population, the town has become even more multifaceted with the construction of PGA’s headquarters. In an interview with Frisco Enterprise, Senior Director of PGA Golf Properties, Jimmy Terry, said, “Everyone has their own golf life journey that they follow, and the beautiful thing about PGA Frisco is we can actually touch all of those people no matter what stage of their golf life journey they’re in.”

The company’s goal to expand golf’s accessibility and open up the sport to all walks of life is ideally aligned with the culture of Frisco, a place that strives towards a harmonious residential life, innovative growth, and a strong community. However, PGA America isn’t the only benefiting party in this transaction, and residents of Frisco can expect a bevy of perks to come their way.

Perfect timing

As of February of 2022 — a few months in advance of the grand opening — the nation was already experiencing a boom in the golf business, and the sport has grown particularly popular in the age of social distancing. Because of this, Frisco is likely to see a continued surge in golf enthusiasts in addition to an increased number of jobs and golf-related developments. An article from Local Profile details the incoming events to the facility, including an unprecedented 26 championships taking place in the next 13 years. The inaugural championship for the headquarters, the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship, is expected to take place in 2023.

About the facility

According to Community Impact, the headquarters will measure up at a whopping 660 acres, comprised of the main campus, two 18-hole championship golf courses, and a luxe 500-room Omni Resort once complete. Additionally, plans include space for golf-themed restaurants, retail, and other accouterments able to appeal to the general public. Residents of Frisco will be able to enjoy the new space for entertainment and relaxation, as well as the new opportunities for employment at any of the numerous establishments.

Setting a precedent

The Dallas Business Journal
tells its readers that the headquarters is the first international sports facility in the state, making it a historic landmark. In addition, PGA’s bold relocation has set the stage for several other new development projects, with companies rushing to join and lay claim to their swath of Frisco. The President of Frisco Economic Development Corp. has estimated that the presence of PGA’s headquarters will garner a substantial economic impact in the next two decades — upwards of 2.5 billion dollars.

Such a momentous entrance into the world of sports will allow Frisco to rebrand itself, enticing further developments and generating interest from previously unreached sectors. Frisco’s tourism website already refers to the area as Sports City USA, a promise of a bright future as a mecca for golf, baseball, and more.

This growth invariably leads to the creation of new jobs in a multitude of areas, which, in turn, leads to an increase in the creation of residential spaces, commercial corridors, and countless other noteworthy benefits. Overall, PGA America’s new headquarters will create a positive economic impact for decades to come, with Frisco’s residents as the primary benefactors.

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